Antony Barlow

Other Books

Three Remarkable Quakers

Three Remarkable Quakers, was published in 2019, which brings together three members of his old Quaker family, who have recently been publicly honoured with a Blue Plaque on their former home, for their contribution to Quaker life and practice. These are his great, great Grandfather Samuel Bowly, one of the leading campaigners against slavery in the 19th century; his great Grandfather Professor John Barlow, a leading scientist and academic and the first Quaker to be appointed to a University chair; and his Grandfather John Henry Barlow, amongst the leading Quakers of his generation and the foremost proponent of the Quaker message of peace in the early 20th century.

An Exacting Mistress

Antony's new book An Exacting Mistress is now available, published by Quacks of York. This is an account of his father, Ralph Barlow's time as a Conscientious Objector in the Friends Ambulance Unit in WW2 as told through the wartime correspondence of Ralph and his wife Joan Barlow..
For over four years this took Ralph away from his wife and two children, to places all over the world from Egypt and Syria to Ethiopia, India and China, first in charge of the Middle East section and later as Deputy Director, overseeing mobile clinics, housing refugees and tending the wounded in many of the most dangerous theatres of war. Sometimes hilarious as when he is invited into a Bedouin tent in the desert for lunch; sometimes moving, missing wife and children and England; and sometimes tragic, setting up mobile medical units for the wounded of Alamein and Tobruk.
Then there is his mother’s story, of coping with years of separation, living in other people’s houses away from the Blitz, and trying to bring up two children in war-torn Britain. This book reveals a love story against the background of war, when at times, letters didn't get through for weeks at a time, or when my father was at death's door and no news arrived. It is a story recounted through the almost daily letters of my parents to each other and how their love survived despite separation.

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