Antony Barlow

A Quaker Film

A Family and Friends is a film based on Antony’s book, He is our cousin, cousin, made together with Juri Ferri and his dedicated team from the London Film School.

It covers significant episodes in the history of his family from his earliest Quaker relative in the 17th century, James Lancaster, and how he and his family nearly drowned crossing Morecambe Bay fleeing persecution; the marriage of James’ daughter Dinah to John Nicholson at Swarthmoor Hall, witnessed by George Fox’s wife Margaret in 1678; right through to his great, great Grandfather Samuel Bowly, one of the legendary Quaker campaigners against slavery in the 1830’s up to his Grandfather John Henry Barlow, one of the great Quaker leaders of the 20th century, honoured for his work to bring about peace in the First World War.

As recounted by Antony, it makes a fascinating story of Quaker witness to the principles established by George Fox in the mid 17th century, as important and valid now as then.

The film is available ​as a download or on DVD and Antony would be delighted to introduce it to any groups interested in both Quaker life and family history. For further details please contact Antony on